Company Profile

Core-Spec Inspection Services Ltd is a Paint & Coatings Inspection company based in Edinburgh which was established in 2010 by managing director Stuart Fitchet, with the support of his wife, Catherine.

We recognise how much the success of your coating project means to you, so it makes perfect sense to engage a coatings inspector who is not only certified to carry out that work, but one who has the appropriate level of dedication and experience to match.

Stuart brings a wealth of industrial paint and coatings experience with him, having started out on the tools of the trade over 20 years ago, where he initially learned the profession as a blaster/sprayer.

He also felt that it was very beneficial and indeed essential to have held down various paint & coating supervisory positions, before making the natural progression from the tools of the trade to gaining full recognition as a Nace Certified Coatings Inspector Level-3.

Stuart is of the firm opinion that this career path to full certification gave him firm grounding within the industry and has proven to have served him well.

As such, Core-Spec was founded upon the principles of honesty and integrity but above all, experience!
Stuart's currently holds Senior Level-3 certifications with both NACE International and I-Corr, two of the most widely recognised and respected professional bodies within our industry.

As a professional and forward-looking coatings inspection company, Core-Spec places a great deal of emphasis on continual professional development. In March 2017, Stuart successfully took and passed the Nace International instructor interview and selection process and is now an instructor trainee. Upon successful completion of this apprenticeship, he will be cleared to teach the Nace (CIP) Coatings Inspector Programme courses.

Core-Spec can help you to complete your project to a very high standard by ensuring that the contractor conforms to the requirements of your coating specification.