Documentation & Reporting

We cannot over emphasize the importance of establishing a good quality control process for your project and this starts with the documentation. It has been proven that if you provide your contractors with clear, easy to follow and unambiguous documentation, then your project is far more likely to be completed successfully and with the minimum of fuss.

We can assist you with the production of Inspection Test Plans, ITP's, reviewing coating specifications and review of the contractor’s quality control procedures, helping you to avoid the majority of conflicts that are all too commonly encountered during the execution phase.

Coating Inspection Reports

Coating inspection reports form a vital part of any coating contract and are compiled to provide the asset owner with a permanent record of any work that has been carried out by the contractor to their asset or facility.

In the unfortunate event of your asset suffering from a premature coating failure, or in cases of dispute, the coating inspection reports are very often the first documents to be referred to.

Therefore it is vital that all reporting be completed in an honest open and professional manner, that accurately reflects the work performed at the time. They should be written and presented in such a way, that someone who was not present during the work - such as an auditor or verification body - can easily understand and follow the report.

Remember, if it is not properly documented, then it didn’t officially happen!

Experience has shown that when coating inspection reports are not subjected to regular monitoring by an independent coating inspector, they can quickly fall into disarray, rendering them worthless!

Core-Spec provides its own clients with professional coating inspection reports by using the “Intelligent Reporting Inspection Software” or (IRIS). This is a professional, cloud based, multi-platform tool with applications for both Contractors and Inspectors working in the coatings industry. Check it out using the link below the IRIS icon!

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